AHSEC 2023 Chemistry Question Paper Leaked: Education Minister denies


AHSEC 2023 Chemistry Question Paper Leaked: Despite the Assam government’s efforts to improve education for students in the state, a new story of question paper leakage has surfaced on social media. The Assam Higher Secondary Education Council (AHSEC) is currently conducting the HS final year examinations, which began on February 20, 2023. On February 28, the Chemistry exam was held, and shortly after its completion, news of the paper being leaked spread rapidly.

Several social media users and a few news portals shared images of the leaked class 12 Chemistry question paper, which matched the original question paper provided in the exam. However, the allegations have been refuted by the authorities. Today, the state’s Education Minister, Ranoj Pegu, dismissed the news as a mere rumor.

AHSEC 2023 Chemistry Question Paper Leaked: Repetition of the same story!

The recurrence of the same story is becoming all too familiar, as question papers are being circulated throughout the state, as has happened in previous years. The problem is not confined to Assam, but rather is a weekly occurrence with news of question paper leaks from various parts of the country. Similar anomalies were also observed during the Grade III and Grade IV exams.

Screenshots and leaked photos of the AHSEC 2023 Chemistry Question Paper, showing the exact questions and answers, went viral a day before the exam. Students completed the exams at 4:30 PM the previous day, and some reportedly came across the leaked screenshots a day earlier.

According to Pankaj Borthakur, the Controller of Examinations of AHSEC, there was no knowledge of any leak of answers. He reaffirmed that the exam was conducted in strict adherence to the rules and was successfully conducted across all centers.

Education Minister’s reaction

The Education Minister of Assam, Ranoj Pegu, has refuted reports of a leak in the AHSEC 2023 Chemistry Paper. He called the allegations false and baseless, stating that he himself investigated the claims as soon as news of the leak surfaced. He concluded that such reports and rumors were completely unfounded.

Ranoj Pegu took to his official Twitter account to address the issue, stating that the news of the Chemistry question paper leak in the current HS examination was entirely false and without merit. He further added that he had personally looked into the matter and that the authorities were taking all necessary precautions to maintain vigilance. Pegu urged the public not to believe or spread false news and rumors.

Ranoj Pegu, in his tweet, shared a notification released by AHSEC on February 28, which stated that the rumors of the AHSEC 2023 Chemistry Question Paper leak were false and that students should ignore such unsubstantiated claims.

AHSEC 2023 Chemistry Question Paper: Proper Clarification required!

Stories like this not only demotivate students but also make them skeptical and push them towards unfair means. Therefore, it is crucial for the concerned authorities to investigate such matters thoroughly and provide a clear explanation. Strict action should be taken if there is any substance to the rumors of the AHSEC 2023 Chemistry Question Paper leak. The exams will conclude on March 20, 2023, and until then, students hope that no such rumors of a leak are repeated.

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