AP Sand Booking Process Check How To Register Online ?

How to Booking AP Sand Online?


AP Sand Booking Process Online 

In our previous article, we told you about AP Sand, about AP Sand Website, Status, and How to track order, etc. But in this article, we will guide you to How AP Sand Booking online via Website or Mobile App. Please read the article carefully and follow the steps. Andhra Pradesh State giving a lot of options for users to booking AP sand, such as if you order personal or order in bulk then the registration process is different. Check below how? 

AP Sand Booking Steps 

While you Logging as a General/Bulk Consumer the process is a little bit different for both. When you logging as General Consumer then:-

  • Log in to the official portal by Registered Mobile no. 
  • When  Dashboard will be open, then click on the booking option. 
  • Then click on the Online Sand Booking option.
  • Your “order” will be completed now.
  • Now you can easily track your order

Two Types, AP Sand Booking Online

AP Sand Management & Monitoring System or APMDC giving the two options to our users while they are registered on their portal. Two Types of options are available. But the registration process is different for both options. Check below.

  • General Consumer 
  • Bulk Consumer 
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General Consumer Registration Process 

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  • Give your Mobile no., Aadhar card no. & Present Residential Address.
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  • When you put mobile no. , click on Sent OTP button. 
  • Click on confirmation button. 

Bulk Consumer Registration Process 

  • Open this link
  • Click on Bulk Consumer option.
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  • Same procedure for this option, but you just need to give your GST No. ,and Registrered Address. 
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  • And get the OTP on your Registered Mobile no. 
  • Last , click on “Confirmation” button.

AP Sand Booking Features For all User/Consumers

Below are the features of AP Sand. Read carefully.

  1. You can order sand in Bulk at lowest price.
  2. Market Price is too high of Sand, but when your order from  sand ap gov in website , the price is too less.
  3. Didn’t go anywhere , just open the AP Sand portal, make registration and order the Sand. 
  4. Less Time Consuming process.

Helpdesk Details 

Email at: [email protected]

For Technical Queries – [email protected]


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