Beautiful Baby Girl Names: A Collection of 100 Names Starting with “B”


Choosing the perfect name for your baby girl is a delightful yet important task. Names have the power to shape a person’s identity and often carry special meanings or sentimental value. If you’re drawn to names that start with the letter “B,” you’re in for a treat! Here’s a curated list of 100 baby girl names that start with “B,” each with its own charm and significance.

1. Bella A name that means “beautiful,” Bella is timeless and elegant, making it a popular choice for many parents.

2. Beatrice With origins in Latin, Beatrice means “she who brings happiness.” It exudes a classic and sophisticated vibe.

3. Brielle A modern and melodic name, Brielle is associated with strength and resilience.

4. Brooke Inspired by nature, Brooke means “small stream.” It’s a simple yet lovely choice.

5. Bailey Bailey is a unisex name that can be associated with both strength and kindness.

6. Blair This name is synonymous with grace and style, offering a touch of sophistication.

7. Bridget Of Irish origin, Bridget means “strength” and “virtue,” making it a name rich in history.

8. Bethany With a biblical touch, Bethany is a name of a village near Jerusalem, known for its meaning “house of figs.”

9. Brinley A name with a modern twist, Brinley combines “brin,” meaning “hill,” with a contemporary sound.

10. Brianna Derived from the Irish name Brian, Brianna means “strong” and “virtuous.”

11. Blakely This trendy name carries an air of sophistication and has gained popularity in recent years.

12. Bailey Simple and unassuming, Bailey has a friendly and approachable feel.

13. Brenna Of Gaelic origin, Brenna means “little raven” and holds a sense of mystique.

14. Brooklyn Named after the New York borough, Brooklyn is both urban and artistic in its appeal.

15. Brianne Similar to Brianna, Brianne is a variation that exudes femininity and strength.

16. Bronwyn Of Welsh origin, Bronwyn means “white breast” and embodies purity and beauty.

17. Blair A name that conjures images of refinement and elegance, Blair has a timeless quality.

18. Britney This name, often associated with the popular singer Britney Spears, is a modern and catchy choice.

19. Bianca With Italian roots, Bianca translates to “white” or “pure,” symbolizing innocence.

20. Baylee A unique variation of Bailey, Baylee offers a fresh and distinctive sound.

21. Briley A modern blend of “briar” and “ley,” Briley is unique yet easy to pronounce.

22. Briar Inspired by thorny bushes, Briar has a whimsical and fairy-tale-like quality.

23. Brisa In Spanish, Brisa means “breeze,” evoking feelings of tranquility and serenity.

24. Brenley A modern-sounding name that carries a touch of sophistication.

25. Blanca The Spanish version of “Bianca,” Blanca also means “white” or “pure.”

26. Bria A short and sweet name that encapsulates elegance and charm.

27. Birdie An adorable and vintage-inspired name, Birdie has a playful and cheerful vibe.

28. Bonnie Meaning “beautiful” or “cheerful,” Bonnie is a name that radiates positivity.

29. Brinlee A unique variation of Brinley, Brinlee adds a whimsical twist to a modern name.

30. Britta Of Scandinavian origin, Britta means “strength” and “exalted one.”

31. Bellamy With French roots, Bellamy translates to “beautiful friend,” making it a name filled with warmth.

32. Bryce A unisex name that has gained popularity for its simplicity and versatility.

33. Beatrix An elegant and regal name, Beatrix is a variation of Beatrice.

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34. Bree Short and sweet, Bree captures a sense of lightness and breeze-like movement.

35. Bay A nature-inspired name, Bay evokes images of serene coastlines and tranquil waters.

36. Beth A timeless name that carries a sense of familiarity and comfort.

37. Brandy A name that exudes a warm and friendly aura, Brandy has a touch of vintage charm.

38. Brennley A unique twist on the more common “Brenna,” Brennley offers a fresh and distinctive sound.

39. Brett A unisex name that projects strength and determination.

40. Belinda With Spanish origins, Belinda means “beautiful serpent,” blending both beauty and mystery.

41. Brianca A fusion of “Brianna” and “Bianca,” Brianca offers a unique combination of two elegant names.

42. Bailey A name that’s both easygoing and versatile, Bailey is a favorite for many parents.

43. Bexley A modern and trendy name, Bexley is both distinctive and appealing.

44. Beryl A gem-inspired name, Beryl reflects the hues of various precious stones.

45. Blythe Meaning “joyful” or “carefree,” Blythe carries an uplifting and positive essence.

46. Bronte A literary name associated with the famous Brontë sisters, Bronte exudes intellect and creativity.

47. Betsabe An exotic name with Spanish origins, Betsabe means “oath of God.”

48. Bailey A unisex name that combines strength and approachability.

49. Brittney A classic name that has maintained its popularity for generations.

50. Brecken A unique and modern name that’s gaining attention for its distinctive sound.

51. Blessing A name that encapsulates a sense of gratitude and divine favor.

52. Bright A name that symbolizes radiance and positivity, Bright is a unique choice.

53. Breonna A name with contemporary appeal, Breonna offers a fresh spin on traditional names.

54. Blair Sophisticated and versatile, Blair is a name that suits a range of personalities.

55. Briza A variation of “Brisa,” Briza carries a soft and melodious sound.

56. Bindi A name with Aboriginal Australian origins, Bindi means “little star.”

57. Briallen A Welsh name that means “primrose,” Briallen embodies beauty and delicacy.

58. Blue A color-inspired name that’s gaining popularity for its serene and calming aura.

59. Breya A name that carries a sense of strength and resilience.

60. Blyss A modern twist on the word “bliss,” Blyss represents joy and contentment.

61. Brynn A unisex name that exudes a sense of simplicity and strength.

62. Brighton A place-inspired name that’s both distinctive and evocative.

63. Bailee A variation of “Bailey,” Bailee offers a fresh and feminine touch.

64. Brigitte A variation of “Bridget,” Brigitte adds a touch of international flair.

65. Bluma With Yiddish origins, Bluma means “flower,” symbolizing beauty and growth.

66. Brenley A modern and trendy name that’s as unique as it is appealing.

67. Benedetta An Italian name that means “blessed,” Benedetta radiates positivity.

68. Braxton A unisex name that’s strong and impactful.

69. Bindiya An Indian name that means “dot” or “point,” Bindiya carries cultural significance.

70. Brooklyn A popular urban-inspired name that’s both modern and stylish.

71. Bramble A nature-inspired name that reflects the beauty and intricacy of wild growth.

72. Breezy An easygoing and carefree name that’s full of positivity.

73. Baylor A name that combines strength with a sense of approachability.

74. Bliss A name that embodies happiness and contentment.

75. Brita A variation of “Britta,” Brita means “strength” and “exalted one.”

76. Brianne A classic name that’s been cherished for its timeless appeal.

77. Blanche A vintage name that carries an air of elegance and grace.

78. Brody A unisex name that’s both strong and versatile.

79. Brissa A variation of “Brisa,” Brissa retains the melodious charm of the original.

80. Bee A short and sweet name that pays homage to the industrious insect.

81. Brecklyn A contemporary name that’s gaining popularity for its unique sound.

82. Bellatrix A celestial-inspired name, Bellatrix is associated with stars and beauty.

83. Beryl A gemstone name that’s both unique and captivating.

84. Brandywine A whimsical and enchanting name that evokes a sense of adventure.

85. Blissful A name that’s all about embracing joy and contentment.

86. Briona A modern and distinctive name that exudes strength.

87. Blaze A fiery and powerful name that’s full of energy.

88. Birdy A diminutive of “Birdie,” Birdy is a playful and adorable choice.

89. Britney A name that’s modern and vibrant, perfect for contemporary parents.

90. Braxley A unisex name that’s trendy and distinctive.

91. Baya A name that’s both short and sweet, with a touch of uniqueness.

92. Breeze A name that captures the essence of calm and tranquility.

93. Bronte A literary-inspired name that’s both intellectual and creative.

94. Bexley A modern name that’s bold and stylish.

95. Bell A charming and elegant name that’s simple yet impactful.

96. Brin A short and modern name that’s easy to remember.

97. Becca A diminutive of “Rebecca,” Becca is a name that exudes friendliness.

98. Blossom A nature-inspired name that symbolizes growth and beauty.

99. Briony A name with a poetic feel, Briony is associated with flowering plants.

100. Bambina An endearing Italian name that means “baby girl,” capturing the sweetness of infancy.

Choosing the perfect name for your baby girl is a truly personal decision. Whether you’re drawn to classic elegance, modern flair, or nature-inspired charm, this list of 100 baby girl names starting with “B” offers a diverse range of options to suit your preferences. May you find a name that resonates with your heart and beautifully reflects the unique personality of your little one.

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