Bhagya Lakshmi 17th March 2023 Written Update Lakshmi’s husband


Bhagya Lakshmi’s episode on March 17th, 2023 featured a heartwarming exchange between Lakshmi and her husband Rishi. He reassured her of his love and insisted that he did not have feelings for Malishka. Rishi declared that they were prepared to make sacrifices for each other, a testament to their deep affection.

The Oberois caught up with Rishi at the hospital, where he informed them that Lakshmi had risked her life to save him. Ayush expressed his belief that Lakshmi and Rishi were meant to be together, a sentiment echoed by the doctor who was concerned about Lakshmi’s memory loss. He quizzed her on her identity and the name of her spouse, leaving the audience to wonder if she would remember her ongoing marriage to Balwinder or her relationship with Rishi, which he had saved her from. Keep watching to find out.

Chandni received shocking news that Sanjay was alive when Raunaq confirmed that he had seen him at the fire brigade office. Eager to find out more, Chandni and Raunaq headed to the hospital to inquire about Sanjay’s condition. Fortunately, they ran into his doctor, who did not hold back and revealed that Sanjay was indeed alive but injured and had been transferred to the city hospital for treatment. Raunaq accompanied Chandni to the hospital to reunite her with her father, but she was dismayed to learn that her grandmother had deceived her.

Chandni was unsure of how to break the news of Sanjay’s survival to her sister Roshni. Word of Sanjay’s survival quickly spread throughout the city, and enraged citizens flocked to the hospital with murderous intentions. Desperate for help, Chandni called on Roshni and her elders to come to Sanjay’s aid. In a bid to save his life, Chandni was seen frantically whisking Sanjay away from the hospital. But with the entire city seemingly against him, can Chandni keep her father safe? Fortunately, Manav and Raunaq stepped up to lend their support to Chandni and Sanjay.

Rishi tearfully professed his love for Lakshmi and held her hand, but she looked on without reacting. Meanwhile, Malishka was becoming increasingly frustrated with the hospital receptionist, who couldn’t find anyone in the ICU. She eventually checked another ICU, leaving Lakshmi and Rishi alone to talk. Rishi implored Lakshmi to trust him, insisting that he loved her and not Malishka. He revealed that he had finally realized the depth of his feelings for her, which went beyond mere friendship. He declared that they were soulmates, willing to die for one another, and that their connection was pure love.

Rishi noticed that Lakshmi was shocked by his confession and gave her the option to slap him if she was angry or upset. However, before Lakshmi could respond, a nurse arrived to give her an injection. Rishi and Lakshmi shared a tender moment before she fell asleep due to the medication. The nurse warned Rishi that Lakshmi was in a weak state and could suffer from memory loss, and the doctor was trying to assess the situation.

In a flashback scene, the doctor administers painkillers to Lakshmi and inquires about her well-being. He asks for her name, and she responds with Lakshmi. When he inquires about her husband’s name, she admits to not remembering it. The doctor is concerned about her memory loss and advises her to take care of herself. He assures her that she will recover, and her memory will return. The nurse informs Rishi about Lakshmi’s memory loss, and he is taken aback.

The nurse informs Rishi that the doctor has consulted a specialist, and the memory loss may be a side effect of the medication. She advises him to hope for the best and wait for Lakshmi to regain consciousness to determine the extent of her memory loss. Rishi is anxious, and Malishka is exhausted from her search for him. When she finally finds Rishi, she embraces him and expresses relief at his safety. She was frightened after seeing his damaged car.

She asks Rishi why he did not inform the family and inquires about Lakshmi’s condition. Rishi assures her that Lakshmi is receiving treatment and will recover soon. He reflects on the incident when Lakshmi risked her life to save him, and Malishka did not. Balwinder is waiting for Malishka’s call to find out about Lakshmi. Malishka promises to inform Neelam about him and steps outside the hospital with Balwinder. He asks her if she loves him, and she confirms that she does and has already proved it.

In the hospital, Rishi questions Malishka as to why she couldn’t save him if she truly loves him. He claims that he saw her trying to save herself instead of him. Malishka defends herself, stating that she did try to save him but it was impossible in the given circumstances. Rishi accuses her of not loving him and tells her that Lakshmi saved his life. Malishka questions him about Lakshmi’s love for him.

Rishi’s parents, the Oberois, arrive at the hospital and are relieved to see Rishi with Malishka. Neelam, Rishi’s mother, hugs him and asks why he didn’t answer her calls. She criticizes Lakshmi and calls her inauspicious. Rishi defends Lakshmi, telling them that she saved his and Malishka’s lives as well as the other hotel guests. Malishka supports his claim.

The family inquires about Lakshmi’s whereabouts, and Rishi explains that she risked her life to save him and has internal injuries. The family expresses concern and decides to visit Lakshmi. The nurse initially denies them permission, but they eventually persuade her to allow them to meet Lakshmi.

Ayush praises Lakshmi for her bravery and reminds Malishka to be thankful to her. Virender asks when they can take Lakshmi home, but the nurse states that the doctor will examine her condition the next day. Shalu and Bani also visit Lakshmi in the hospital. Meanwhile, Lakshmi remembers Rishi’s confession of love and cries.

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