BRN Card Payment Charges and Axis Bank Credit Card Fees


What are BRN charges in Axis Bank?

Axis Bank customers who hold bank accounts or credit cards are seeking clarification on BRN Card Payment Charges. These charges appear as deductions made by the branch where your Axis Bank account is registered. For instance, if you have a credit card associated with Branch A and a deduction is made at the branch level, the charge will be reflected as a BRN charge in your bank statement. Therefore, if you notice a BRN Card Payment charge, it signifies that the branch has deducted a certain amount related to your credit card. These charges could be for late payments or annual fees associated with the card. Often, we tend to overlook various credit card fees when signing up for a card, so it is essential to review the charge details to determine the specific fees included in the BRN Card Payment fees.

Axis Bank Credit Card Customer Care

If you are uncertain about a charge deducted from your account, you can contact Axis Bank’s credit card customer care. They can provide information on the charges debited from your account and clarify the meaning of BRN Card Payment charge.

Here are the contact details for Axis Bank Customer Care:

Helpline: 1860 – 419 – 5555 / 1860 – 500- 5555 Email Address: [email protected]

In addition, please find the following information:

  • Standard joining fees for Axis Bank SELECT Credit Card: The standard joining fee is Rs. 3000 for Axis Bank Select Credit Card. However, there are no joining fees for the Burgundy Credit Card.
  • Standard annual fees: Starting from the second year, the standard annual fee is Rs. 3000. Yet, the Burgundy Card does not have any annual fees.
  • Finance charges on the Axis Bank Credit Card: As of June 2021, the average finance charges are 3.40% per month (equivalent to 49.36% per annum).
  • Card replacement fees: There is a fee of Rs. 100 for card replacement.
  • Late fee payment charges in Axis Bank Credit Cards: Late fee payment charges vary depending on the amount owed. The charge can range from Rs. 0 to Rs. 1200.

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