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Paymanager Rajasthan Employee Pay Salary Slip 4.9 (49)

Paymanager Portal 2023

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Paymanager Portal helps to make the Bill Preparation of Rajasthan Employees so that they can pay the bills with a more straightforward method with the help of the Paymanger portal online. Paymanager Rajasthan software is also providing DA (Dearness Allowance) Arrear, Bonus, Arrears, and Leave encashment Bills facilities. The Pre Paymanager Rajasthan website was started by the Finance Department Government of Rajasthan for the Rajasthan Employees. PRI Paymanager is another name for it. The workflow is the same, but we can call it another name for Paymanager portal.

We will tell you the meaning of the below things.

About DDOPrepare the Salary Bills, Slips Fully vouchered contingent bills
Bank Digital signed by e-payment files, PDF files by the bank
EmployeeEmploye can log in to this site and check their own payment status, and income tax statements.
Department Details Each department sends its own employee payment details reports.

Overview Related Paymanager Rajasthan

Information about Paymanager or Prepaymanager
Released by Finance Department Government of Rajasthan
BeneficiaryRajasthan People (Statewise)
Official Website or login

Paymanager Employee Login

  • Open the official website, login and paymanager 2 raj nic in link.
  • You will automatically redirect to the paymanager login page.
  • Fill in your Username, Password, and Captcha code, then click the Login button. (if you don’t remember the password then please check Paymanager Forgot Password)
  • When you will click on the below option in the screenshot. Then a new link opens, check it
premanager login
  • You will see a lot of options to sign in for example DDO, Employee, Digital, Department, Sub DDO, and HOD/Sub HOD

Two Ways, User can Sign in Paymanager Website

Below you see, a different way to sign in on Paymanager Website paymanager 2 raj nic in so that you can check and pay the bill easily without facing any botheration.

  • If you want o choose below option such as Bank Registration, and HOD Registration.
  • Click on the Bank Registration option you will see Create new user option. Fill the form according to the instruction and verify it.
bank registration
  • Next one, click on the HOD Registration option. A new HOD create user form will be open.
hod registration

So this is the way to sign in also other forms if you want to forget your username.

Pri-Paymanager Circular

Here, You can check the complete list if Pri-PayManager(IFMS-CIRCULAR).

How to Forgot your Password on Paymanager Website?

  • Check below screenshot, when you will be login the paymanager account.
premanager password
  • Fill this fields when you for forgot your password. Click on Submit Details option at the last.
premanager forgot password

Major Benefits of Paymanager Portal

  • It helps to make the Bills
  • Employee Salary Slip (Monthly)
  • Digitally signed PDF and File by the Bank
  • Medical Bills of the Employee

How to Download Employee Pay Salary Slip?

  • Go to the official website of paymanager2 raj nic in.
  • Dashboard criteria open in front of you.
  • Click on the employee corner tab and check the payslip in the dropdown list.
  • After clicking on the payslip, a new window will be open, and select the month and year.
  • After selecting all details, press the submit button and download it successfully.

In the download slip, you will see each and every piece of information such as :

  • Account details
  • Employee details
  • Pan details
  • DDO code
  • Income details

Easy to Make Paymanager Salary Bill

  • When you will log in paymanager official portal, then click on the DDO dashboard and select Bill no. Allocation
  • a new form will come up, such as
  • Bill Type, Monthly Salary, bill Date, Bill Number
  • Click on submit option.
  • You can easily modify this process.

PRI Paymanager GA55 Employee Details

Firstly open the PayManager Dashboard or Logging by Username and Password.

  • You will see the Employee Tab, and it’s under you can click GA 55 option.
  • And you need to choose the year.
  • Your name shown on the screen.
  • Choose the estimated /non-estimated option.
  • Select format type PDF or Excel.
  • Data will be downloaded into your system.

Helpline Details

Call the below number if you need any help.

Please Call at 0141-5111010, 0141-5111007


Below Rajasthan Scheme and Portal

Jan Soochan Portal

Apna Khata Rajasthan

Shala Darpan (Shiksha Portal)

Emitra Rajasthan

FAQ’s About Paymanager Rajasthan

Paymanager क्या है?

Paymanager is software or website to make any kind of pay bill of Rajasthan employees. This portal was started by the Finance Department Government of Rajasthan for the Rajasthan Employees.

How to Login Paymanager Website?

To login Paymanager Website, Click on this link paymanager 2 raj nic in or link and put your username, and password and fill in the captcha code. Click on the Login Button.

What is Paymanager PRI ?

Paymanager PRI software is really helpful to making the employee pay salary slip, and any pay bills of Rajasthan Employees. Paymanager PRI software provides common facilities to any platform.

PRI Paymanager GA55 में Employee Detail कैसे निकाले ?

Firstly open the PRI PayManager Dashboard or Logging by Username and Password.
You will see the Employee Tab and it’s under you can click GA55 option.
And you need to choose the year.
Your name show on the screen.
Choose the estimated /non-estimated option.
Select format type PDF or Excel.
Data will be downloaded into your system.

Paymanager में Salary Bill कैसे बनाये ?

Login Paymanager official portal
Click on the DDO dashboard
Select Bill no. Allocation
Bill type, Monthly Salary, bill Date, Bill number
This is steps to make salary bill in paymanager website.

PRE Paymanager GA 55 Download कैसे करे ?

सबसे पहले PRI Paymanager डैशबोर्ड या Login को Username और Passwordद्वारा खोलें
आपको कर्मचारी Tab दिखाई देगा और यह आपके तहत GA 55 option पर click कर सकता है।
आपको screen पर वर्ष का नाम दिखाने का चयन करने की आवश्यकता है।
अनुमानित / गैर-अनुमानित विकल्प का चयन करें।
चयन प्रारूप प्रकार PDF या Excel.Data में डाउनलोड किया जाएगा।

How can I download salary slip from pay manager?

Go to the Official website
The dashboard will be open in front of you.
In the Corner click on the Employee tab. From the Dropdown menu click on the Payslip option. payslip पर क्लिक करने के Select Year and month.
CLick on Submit button and download the salary slip from Paymanager portal.

How do I get a payslip from PayManager?

Visit the PayManager Portal :
Select “For DDO/Employee Login” link.
Enter the Username and Password of your employee account.
Type the Captcha code as shown in the above box.
Select “Employee” from List of option
Click on the Login button
See your Login ID with your name at top of the page
Select Employee Corner
Click on the PaySlip option
Select the Month and Year of Slip from drop-down
Click on Submit.
A file may download and allow you to save in your downloads folder or path selected
Visit the Download folder and click on the file to explore your Pay Slip

Can we download Employee Payslip Rajasthan multiple types?

Yes, You can

Can Private employees of Rajasthan have access to login in paymanager?

No, They don’t have access to login on the Pay manager Portal.

How do I download PayManager?

It is very easy to download. Just open the Google Play store on your phone. Type the Paymanager app and download it.

What is the PayManager password?

Firstly, login paymanager, your password is usually your date of birth or account number.

How do I download PayManager?

Open the Google Playstore on your mobile. Type the Paymanager in the search bar. You will get the Paymanager Employee Details. Click on it and download it on your Mobile Phone.

What is the password to open a pay manager?

The Password is usually your Date of Birth and Account Number. When you register on Paymanager portal then you must keep a secret password. Paymanager gave the option for it.

What is Pripaymanager?

Paymanager PRI is a pay bill generation system that is developed for Panchayati Raj employees of the Rajasthan Government. It provides a common and unified platform for the preparation of salary bills of these employees.

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