Draupadi Murmu, First Time Tribal President Of India 


Tribal President Ms Draupadi Murmu 

After winning the Presidential Election 2022, Draupadi Murmu becomes the President of India. She is from the Tribal category (Human Social Group). Now, finally, India got a new president which belongs to the Tribal. She is from Odisha and has been Governor of Jharkhand. She belongs to the Adivasi and second woman to become the nation’s First Citizen and the Supreme Commander of India’s Armed Forces. She defeated the opposition candidate Yashwant Sinha in the Presidential election. Finally, India got 1st Tribal Woman President. 

Major Point Behind Big Victory 

  1. Odisha’s Rairangpur is the hometown of the Draupadi Murmu.
  2. Before President, Draupadi Murmu has been MLA and Minister. She also has been tenure as Jharkhand Governor.
  3. Now, she is the youngest and India’s first president at the age of 64. 
  4. NDA Presidential candidate Draupadi Murmu got 64.03 percent of the total vote value
  5. India celebrates great victory with sweets and Tribal dances. 
  6. She is a former Jharkhand Governor and a tribal woman from Odisha. 

Draupadi Murmu Biography & Political History


NameDraupadi Mumu from the Santhal family
Born 20 June 1958 (Age 64)
Home TownOdisha
Category Belongs toTrailblazer
Occupation Recently become President of India 
Past ServiceTeacher at the Sri Aurobindo Integral Education Centre in Rairangpur in Mayurbhanj, and Worked as a junior assistant in the irrigation and power department of the Odisha government.

Political Career 

In 1997, Won the Rairangpur Nagar PanchayatServed as Councillor 
Elected Two Times in the Odisha Assembly in 2000 and 2004For Minister Under Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik’s BJD-BJP coalition government.
Finally Held the portfolio of Commerce and Transport and, subsequently, Fisheries and Animal Husbandry. Under State Government 
She is also known as Transport Minister Odisha
She is the first woman Governor of Jharkhand. in 2015.
Leader Adivasi Leader, Santhal Leader, Inspiration for her Tribal community and Woman.  
Another victory, Held Scheduled Tribes MorchaServed as vice-president of the BJP

Note: Our 15th President of India Ms. Draupadi Murmu

Who is Draupadi Murmu of Jharkhand?

Draupadi Murmu becomes the 15th President of India. In the past, she has been Governor of Jharkhand.

How old is Draupadi Murmu?

She is 64 years old (20 June 1958).

When was Draupadi Murmu born?

Draupadi Murmu was born on 20th June 1958.

Who is the current governor of Jharkhand?

Shri Ramesh Bais is the current Governor of Jharkhand.

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