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what is E Challan? Find Out in  Details? 

E challan means Electronic challan or online challan,  if you break any traffic rule on the road then you got e challan which means you have to pay a penalty. This works under CCTV Camera which fits into the traffic light and checks who is breaking the traffic rules by the images.  The fine may vary but it depends on your or which rule you broke. And you have to pay the fine through E challan. This is the definition of E challan.  The E Challan Process undergoing is MINISTRY OF ROAD TRANSPORT & HIGHWAYS. 

How Many Traffic Rules? 

Firstly, basic traffic rules every person should know about. Check below.

  • Slow Speed and Drive Slowly 
  • Need to Maintain Distance 
  • Don’t over the speed with vehicles. 

Mainly Follow traffic Rules. 

Our Indian government recently changed the traffic rules. Let’s check what it is.

  1. Motor Vehicle Act
  2. Valid Driver License 
  3. Must be Vehicle Insurance Certificate 
  4. Pollution under Control Certificate must be Valid and up to date

Follow Must Some Traffic Signal

  1. STOP:  It means you need to stop to cross the road when the Red Light is On. And you need to stop when this sign blinks. 
  2. BE ALERT: Be alert and start to cross the roads when the yellow light is enabled. 
  3. GO: Green is the safe signal for cross walking. You can cross the road without any fear. 

Now let’s discuss the most important things is that when you break the rules and what is the process to pay the E challan offline as well as online. 

Challan Types

Sr. No. Traffic Rules If you break Fines/Penality
1 General Challan Rs.500/-
2 Without Driving License Rs. 5,000/-
3 Unknown/Unauthorised Vehicle with Invalid Driving License Rs.5,000/-
4 Don’t have Necessary Document which specified Under Motor Vehicle Act Rules Rs.500/-
5 Without Vehicle Insurance Rs2,000/-
6 Without Vehicle Permit Rs10,000/-
7 Without Vehicle Fitness Rs. 5,000/- and 2,000 Minimum you have to give.
8 Without Vehicle RC Rs2,000/-
9 Without Belt Rs.1000/-
10 Without Helmet Rs.1000/-
11 Accidental Case 6 months in Jails and penalty would be up to 5000/-
12 Over speed Rs. 1000 to 2000/-
13 Without Qualified Driving Rs.10,000/-

Online Traffic Challan Payment Mode

How to pay e challan in form of Offline Mode and Online Mode? Now, we will tell you in a simple manner, How you can pay the E challan in Offline Mode and Online Mode. 

Simple and Easy steps of Online e challan Payment 

  1. Firstly you need to go  to the official website

e challan details

2. You would see “Check Challan Status” in the right side corner. 

check challan status

  1. You will reach a new page automatically.
  2. Then put the necessary information. 

For Example:  How to pay E challan if you belong to Mumbai city. Please visit this link and see You can easily pay the E challan by this link. 

  1. Fill in the Vehicle number and Chassis no.

vehicle no.

2. Enter only the Challan Number 

Challan no

Offline Traffic Challan Payment Mode 

If you don’t know about online activity about how to pay offline challan then don’t worry we will guide you definitely as per your requirements. 

  1. Go to your traffic police station.
  2. Consult your traffic police inspector.
  3. He keeps all records and fine while you break the rules. 
  4. And you have to clear all pending dues.

Check City Wise Online Traffic E challan Payment Modes 

Go to this link:


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