Election Results 2023 Delhi, Gujarat, HP Election Results, Live Counting


Election Results: Elections of Gujarat and Delhi have been conducted recently by the Election Commission. We are going to tell you about the results of Delhi and Gujarat, HP election results and live counting. If you have a wide interest in politics, then you must read this article. If you have made any prediction about the result, do let us know in the comment section. Now let’s get back to the article.

Assembly elections have been held in Gujarat and Delhi recently. And soon the results of the election will be declared. The result is expected to be declared on 8th December 2022. Which party’s candidate is going to win the election? This question is going on in everyone’s mind. The election results will be announced publicly through news channels and newspapers.

Many people have come to vote for the candidate of their choice. There are many choices for the candidate, and it is difficult to predict who will win the election. Like by-elections in some other states, elections are also being held in other states. Bye-elections in five assembly constituencies, 1 (one) each in Odisha, Rajasthan, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. So now just wait for the results to be announced, and we will update the election results on our website.

Election Result Delhi

The counting of votes for the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) elections 2022 is scheduled to begin on Wednesday, 7 December 2022 at 8 am. A prediction will be made on Monday, and it will be concluded that Aam Aadmi Party is going to win clearly in MCD elections. There are a total of 250 wards for which councilors will be elected and after that whoever wins will be the head of their respective department. Voting was done at 13000+ polling stations for the election held on 4th December. When Delhi election results are released, we will update so that you can see them on our website.

Election Result Gujarat 2022

Elections have been completed in two phases in the state of Gujarat. Elections were held on 1 December and 5 December 2022. There was 100% polling in many parts of Gujarat. Many parties including Bharatiya Janata Party, Congress and Aam Aadmi Party are in the fray to collect votes. Predictions have been made for the Gujarat election, and it has been declared that it is the clear winner of the Bharatiya Janata Party, the BJP. In Monday’s election, which is on December 5, in over 93 seats in 14 districts in the north and central regions.

HP election result 2022

The results of Himachal Pradesh will be declared publicly on 8th December 2022. The total number of seats in Himachal Pradesh is 68. Exit poll predictions for Himachal Pradesh elections result 2022 are not clear. Cold war has started between BJP and Congress.

Election live vote count 2022

According to the news of the live counting of elections in Gujarat, the BJP is expected to win in Gujarat because according to the exit polls, BJP is at number one and Congress at number two. On the other hand, the chances of BJP winning in Himachal Pradesh are less. Congress is giving a tough fight to BJP and both the parties are almost on equal footing. So let’s see who will win in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh on 8th December.

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