Government Agencies Maintain Land Records on MP Bhulekh


In India, land records are maintained by various government agencies at the state and district levels. In the case of MP Bhulekh, the government agency responsible for maintaining land records is the Revenue Department of the Madhya Pradesh government. The department is responsible for maintaining and updating the land records of the state, including ownership details, land use, and transaction history.

The role of the Revenue Department in maintaining land records on MP Bhulekh involves various tasks, including:

  1. Survey and measurement of land: The department conducts surveys to measure and record the boundaries of land, as well as to identify any changes in land use.
  2. Updating land records: The department maintains updated records of all land transactions, including transfers of ownership, mortgages, and leases.
  3. Issuing land-related certificates: The department issues various certificates related to land ownership, including the Record of Rights (RoR) and the Land Use Certificate (LUC).
  4. Resolving land disputes: The department also plays a key role in resolving disputes related to land ownership and use.

Overall, the government agencies involved in maintaining land records on MP Bhulekh play a critical role in ensuring transparency and accuracy in land transactions, which is essential for promoting economic growth and social stability in the state.

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