Grips Portal Used For Receipt, Online Payment, And Challan

Grips Portal Used For Receipt, Online Payment, and Challan


The Full form of GRIPS is the Government Receipt Portal for West Bengal people used for Commercial Taxes by online e-payments. These portal services are announced by the Finance Department Government of West Bengal. It was started on Nov 1st, 2012. Through the IFMS website, you can pay online commercial taxes. IFMS stands for Integrated Financial Management System. With the help of the GRIPS portal, you don’t need to go physically anywhere to file Challan of Payments. Now the question raises how you can use the Grips Portal for commercial taxes, its login process, challan process, authorized bank, and more. See below :

  1. What is Grips Login Procedure ? 
  2. How to Make Online Payment On Grips Portal ? 
  3. Check the Grips Payment Status 
  4. How You can Search Challan on Grips ? 
  5. Grips Challan Reprint Procedure
  6. Below List of Authorized Bank Who Accepted e-challan Payments 
  7. Grips Challan Reprint Procedure 
Portal Name Government Receipt Portal System Online 
Used For Commercial Taxes & Revenue
StateWest Bengal
Authorized Department Finance Department Government of West Bengal
Website Name

How to Login to the Grips Portal ? 

On the WBIFMS website where everyone can pay commercial taxes in different fields such as consumer affairs, agriculture department, commercial taxes, and more. These departments can check regarding challan payment, search their own challan, payment status, challan reprint, etc. These all things could be possible while logging into the Grips Portal. We mentioned the steps below. 

  • Go to the Grips Portal Home Page. 
  • Check the Right side of the “Home Page” and click on MIS & Report Link 
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  • While clicking on this link, you will be automatically redirected to another login page.
  • Enter the details and captcha code correctly. 

While the things come regarding Challan Payment then a lot of options are available to Search the Challan Payment

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  1. Search the Challan with GRN
  2. Search by GRN ID
  3. Search by GRN Applicant Name
  4. Search by GRN Bank Amount 
  5. Search the Challan With BRN

How to Search the Challan with GRN? 

  • Click on the “Search Your Challan” option. There are 5 options available to file the challan online. With the help of the first option “Search the Challan with GRN”. 
  • You have to enter the 18-Digit Government Reference Number. 
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  • Click on the Submit Button.

Search the Challan With GRN ID 

  • The second option is GRN Identification  to find or search the Challan.
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  • Enter Identification no and Challan Date. 
  • Then go to the “Search” button. 

Search the Challan with BRN 

  •  You can search your challan with the help of BRN no.
6ApDSOEwF Z4kqfTiX9 4IlBiX9kavzmVo6oUmtZlx5F3 OHOX7K40o5Lx9IZVt MSNoGrZYN2xDR0fFMpMQmTwsE
  • Enter the BRN no and Challan Date. 
  • Click on the “ Search” button. 

Search the Challan with Applicant Name or Company Name 

  • Another easy option is to search the challan with the Applicant Name,  Trade or Company name. Click on this option.  
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  • Fill the Select Department/Directorate, Enter Trade/Applicant/Establishment Name, and Challan fill up date. 
  • At the end click on the “Search” button. 

Search the Challan with Bank name, Amount or Challan fill-up date 

  • And the final option is to find the challan with Bank Name , or amount. Fastly click on this option. 
  • Select Department/Directorate, Bank Name, Enter Total Amount, and Challan Fill up Date. 
  • Click on the “Search” button. 

Grips Challan Payment 

Now the important question is “how to make the online Challan payment on Grips Portal”. 

  1. Open the WBIFMS portal.
  2. Click on this link —>
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  1. Select the Select Department/Directorate or search and select the services. 
  2. Click on the “Proceed” button.
  3. Fill the mentioned details in the web page such as Depositors Name, Phone No, Mobile No(10 Digit), Address Line 1,  Address Line 2, Email, User Type, and Payment Mode. 
  4. Then again click on the “Proceed” button.

Reprint Challan 

  1. To reprint the challan go to the link below.
GBXEFDdU7V a Wl80wAOGmMy nafCi8 NgXHe 8Y rP7GyLuHbyuJMKpVt5ZsCdexzrxp KBAit4MJO5en86Wn8ho6ZrbaJ9KazXFEDbRQLyKzdnEXwjInsh psvDWh4K3Ebo0RS
  1. Enter your 18-Digit Government Reference Number. 
  2. Click on the “Download” button. 
  3. Your Challan will be printed in the PDF form. 

Check Grips Online Payment Status 

Open the official portal 

Check the “Home Page” and see the right side option “ Know the Payment Status” 

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  • Enter the IFSC Code, Bank Account , and Registration Mobile Number. 
  • Click on the “Submit” button.

Authorized Bank Who Generated e-Challan Payments 

  • Union Bank of India
  • Bank of Baroda – All Branches in W.B.
  • IDBI Bank – All Branches in W.B.
  • UCO Bank
  • ICICI Bank
  • State Bank of India (SBI) – All Branches in W.B.
  • United Bank of India (UBI) – All Branches in W.B.
  • HDFC Bank
  • Indian Overseas Bank (IOB)
  • Indian Bank
  • Axis Bank

Help Desk 




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What is Grips portal and GRN?

Grips Portal manages the commercial taxes or e challan payments. GRN is Government Reference Number, you can find or search your challan through GRN.

What is the Grips portal used for?

The main use of Grips Portal is to check the e-challan payments, online payment status checks, and receipts.

What is the full form of grips?

The full form of Grips is Government Receipts Portal System.

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