Hanuman Jayanti 2023: Status Wishes, Quotes, Messages, and WhatsApp Status


Hanuman Jayanti, the celebration of the birth of Lord Hanuman, is an important event for the Hindu community. It is celebrated with great fervor and enthusiasm across India and in other parts of the world. The festival falls on the full moon day of the Hindu month of Chaitra, which usually falls in March or April. In 2023, Hanuman Jayanti will be celebrated on April 6. On this day, people greet each other with Hanuman Jayanti status wishes, quotes, messages, and WhatsApp status. Here are some of the best Hanuman Jayanti status wishes for 2023.

  1. May Lord Hanuman shower his blessings on you and your family. Happy Hanuman Jayanti!
  2. On this auspicious day, may Lord Hanuman bring happiness, prosperity, and good health to you and your loved ones. Happy Hanuman Jayanti!
  3. May Lord Hanuman guide you on the path of righteousness and fill your life with positivity and joy. Happy Hanuman Jayanti!
  4. Let us bow to Lord Hanuman, who is the symbol of courage, strength, and devotion. Happy Hanuman Jayanti!
  5. May Lord Hanuman bless you with success, wisdom, and happiness in all your endeavors. Happy Hanuman Jayanti!
  6. May Lord Hanuman protect you from all evils and grant you peace and tranquility. Happy Hanuman Jayanti!
  7. Let us pray to Lord Hanuman to eradicate all the negativity and fill our lives with positivity and happiness. Happy Hanuman Jayanti!
  8. May Lord Hanuman give you the strength to overcome all obstacles and lead a successful life. Happy Hanuman Jayanti!
  9. Let us seek the blessings of Lord Hanuman and attain spiritual enlightenment. Happy Hanuman Jayanti!
  10. On this holy occasion, let us remember the teachings of Lord Hanuman and imbibe them in our lives. Happy Hanuman Jayanti!

In addition to these Hanuman Jayanti status wishes, you can also share inspiring quotes and messages with your friends and family on this auspicious day. Here are a few examples:

  • “When you have Lord Hanuman in your heart, nothing is impossible.”
  • “The greatest victory is the victory over oneself. Let Lord Hanuman guide you on this journey.”
  • “May Lord Hanuman bless you with the strength to face challenges and overcome them.”
  • “Let us bow to the greatest devotee of Lord Rama, Lord Hanuman, and seek his blessings.”
  • “On Hanuman Jayanti, let us pray to Lord Hanuman for the well-being of all beings.”

Finally, you can also update your WhatsApp status with a Hanuman Jayanti message or quote to spread the festive spirit. Here are some WhatsApp status ideas:

  • “Jai Hanuman!”
  • “Wishing you all a happy and blessed Hanuman Jayanti.”
  • “May the blessings of Lord Hanuman be with you always.”
  • “Let us celebrate the birth of Lord Hanuman with joy and devotion.”
  • “Hanuman Chalisa is not just a prayer, it’s a way of life.”

In conclusion, Hanuman Jayanti is a time to remember the teachings of Lord Hanuman and seek his blessings. It is a time to spread love, positivity, and happiness. So, let us all come together and celebrate this auspicious occasion with great enthusiasm and devotion. Happy Hanuman Jayanti!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1.What can be done on Hanuman Jayanti 2023?

You can worship Lord Hanuman by visiting his temple, reciting his mantras, and Hanuman Chalisa. Fasting and distributing prasad after worshipping Lord Hanuman is also a common practice.

2. At what time was Lord Hanuman born?

Lord Hanuman was born during the Purnima Tithi of Shukla Paksha in the Chaitra month of the Hindu calendar.

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