Implementation of the mid-day Meal Scheme Through Shala Darpan


The Mid-Day Meal Scheme is a school meal program in India aimed at providing nutritious meals to school-going children to improve their health and education. Shala Darpan is an online platform developed by the Ministry of Education, Government of India, to digitize and streamline the education system.

To implement the Mid-Day Meal Scheme through Shala Darpan, the following steps can be taken:

  1. Registering schools on Shala Darpan: Schools need to be registered on Shala Darpan to avail of the benefits of the scheme. The school authorities can register themselves by visiting the Shala Darpan website and following the registration process.
  2. Uploading student data: Once the school is registered on Shala Darpan, the school authorities can upload the data of the students. The data should include the name, class, and other necessary details of the students.
  3. Applying for the Mid-Day Meal Scheme: Schools can apply for the Mid-Day Meal Scheme through Shala Darpan. The application should include the number of students and their respective classes.
  4. Verification and approval: The application will be verified by the concerned authorities, and once approved, the school will be enrolled in the Mid-Day Meal Scheme.
  5. Procurement and distribution of food: The food will be procured by the concerned authorities and distributed to the schools. The food distribution details can be updated on Shala Darpan.
  6. Monitoring and evaluation: The implementation of the Mid-Day Meal Scheme can be monitored and evaluated through Shala Darpan. The school authorities can provide feedback on the quality of the food and the overall implementation of the scheme.

By implementing the Mid-Day Meal Scheme through Shala Darpan, the process of enrollment, monitoring, and evaluation can be streamlined, and the implementation of the scheme can be made more efficient.


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