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JKPaySys: There is a way of providing relaxation by the Government of Jammu and Kashmir through JKPaySys for the employees working under the Government of Jammu and Kashmir. JK Payment System provides a familiar and integrated platform for DDOs to generate all types of bills for booking expenses.

You can Download the JKPaysys payslip online and Print the JK payslip directly at jkpaysys.gov.in

JKPaySys is an online portal where all financial transactions related to salary, bonus can be done quickly. Access is also provided to the employees to have a clear picture of what they are getting in the form of benefits and many other options.

JKPaySys – An Overview

JKPaySys is also known as PayManager, is operational in Jammu and Kashmir. The portal is a convenient platform for DDOs to generate necessary bills for expenditure purposes such as salary and facilities for the employees. The concerned banks can quickly check the payments to be processed and proceed with what is required.

The portal jkpaysys gov in is also open to the employees who can log in to the portal using their username and password to check the salary details. In addition, they can check the facilities that they have got and the deductions made from the salary. Apart from this, they can access many other options, such as making bank account changes or any other activities as and when required.

JKPaySys Login 2021 At jkpaysys gov in

JKPaySys login is for various users performing various activities under the Government of Jammu and Kashmir. Here are some users:

  • Drawing and Disbursing Officer (DDO)
  • heads of departments
  • If Employees working under the Government of J&K
  • Treasurer and Financial Officer
  • Users can access various activities and functions by logging into the portal. 
  • Here are the simple steps you can follow to log in to the portal.

J&K Employee Salary Slip Requirements

To obtain a download, J&K Employee Payment Slip, each employee must get the marks listed below, and otherwise CPIS will not allow unauthorized users to access the employee login page.

  • Username received after the employee is successfully registered for J&K CPIS login
  • Password given in the same mail of registration
  • Email ID which can be registered with CPIS Portal

How to Download J&K Employee Salary Slip at JKCPIS

  1. Click on jkcpis.nic.in, which will take you to Centralized Personnel Information System portal.
  2. Find the “login box “on the right side of the home page
  3. Enter your username and password.
  4. Enter the verification code as shown in the inbox
  5. Click on Login Button
    1. The details will provide and read by CPIS to load and taken to the employee respective page having employee details
  6. Select Payslip option and which need to select
  7. Select Year and Month from the dropdown
  8. Click on Generate
  9. Its the selected month Jammu and Kashmir employee payslip via the CPS portal may display on your screen, Now you can download to your device for further reference.

JKPaysys Payslip

Now Download Jkpaysys Salary slip Online Anytime with some Steps Get Your Employee Number and Download Required Salary Slip As Per New Process

  1. Visit: jkpaysys.gov.in/salaryslip.aspx
  2. Enter Employee Code
  3. Provide First Name
  4. Select Financial Year and Month
  5. Enter Verification code
  6. Click Submit

JKPaySys Helpline

If you have any query or trouble with login or any other status, you can directly call the help desk on numbers 0191 – 2520582, 0191 – 2571800, or 0190 – 2571900.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – JKPaySys

How do I pay my bill in Jkpaysys?

Step – 1 – Click on the link http://jkpaysys.gov.in to log in to the official portal of JKPaySys. Step – 2 – Use your username and password in the login form. Step – 3 – Provide the captcha code. Step – 4 – Click on Login to log in to the portal for Bill Generation Process.

How can I get GPF bill in Jkpaysys?

Login with your PAO Code and Password. 1 Click on Generate Challan page 2 Process to generate E-Bill/E-Challan in jkpaysys application for GPF/SLI/NPS 3 Select the type of E-Bill/E-Challan from the available options and click on Show Do it. Select either all or one employee for which e-bill is to be generated.

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