In Short: MP Bhulekh 2019-20, Khasra Khatauni number at Official website

Technology has made our lives a lot easier. From ordering food online to connecting with people worldwide, the whole world has connected itself to this great nexus of the web. For every little task, we look for technology, how it can make things much simpler and time-saving for us. But centuries ago, who would’ve thought that the world would become this small that.

We do not even have to bother that much about our properties in different states whether MP Bhulekh, UPbhulekh, and Land Records. Because technology would be there to keep care of it for us. And that’s what is happening right now! If any nation is great, it’s because technology has made it great. If any nation is on its way to becoming great, even it is because technology is being kind upon that nation. And we probably cannot disagree with this that if any ‘strong’ country doesn’t possess its domination over the technology sector, it will be brought down or conquered very quickly. 


However, we do not have to go to such lengths because the topic we’re going to give you detailed information about is the online system introduced by the state of Madhya Pradesh (mpbhulekh). For its residents to avail of the benefits of hassle-free services of land records. Madhya Pradesh is one another such state in our country that has moved forward by easing for its citizens to gather information about their lands or properties.

MP Bhulekh 2019, the online portal, allows the residents of MP bhulekh to get quick and swift information about their lands. It provides details about the land records, ownership, maps, market value, and size, etc. of their lands.

Keeping land records is very crucial and is not something that can be taken lightly or carelessly. Digitization of land records has made the whole process simpler and transparent. It has brought a new shift, in other words, transformed the entire sector of real estate. The traditional method of keeping records produced conflicts, litigations and property fiddles.

MP Bhulekh 2020 Online Overview

TopicMP Land Record 2020 MP BhuAbhilekh
Target AreaFor all District
Departmentराजस्व विभाग, मध्य प्रदेश
Email[email protected], 0751-2441200


A ‘Khasra’ is a legal document of the Revenue Department. Its historical relevance is that it used to list all the necessary information. Such as areas of the fields, owners and his employees, size, types of crops sown in it, the type of soil it is, and trees are grown on it. Even today its purpose is the same, but the functioning has changed somewhat. It is used to provide plot numbers to the lands, referred to Khasra Number. In other words, it majorly provides information about the plot.

However, the Khatauni is an accounts book. Its purpose is to provide a Khatauni Number to the cultivators who plow certain sections of the land under different Khasra Number. In other words, it provides the information about the cultivators and the area they cultivate.

Now we are going to provide you all the necessary information you’re going to need if you want to avail of the services of this online portal.


  • Go to the official website of Madhya Pradesh land records or MP Bhulekh 
  • A homepage, with a map of the state on display, will appear on your screen. Click on your district.
  • Enter your district, tehsil, and village details and click on OK.
  • Enter your Khasra number and proceed. The information and the visuals will appear on your screen.

    Note: If you are from UP, then you can check the UPbhulekh Land record by visiting another post.


  • Again, visit 
  • Choose the option ‘Free Services’ from the panel. It will bring you a set of options.
  • Click on the option you require the details about.
  • This portal also provides you the service to download your documents, if required, although it may ask you to log in to access all these services.

Note: About MP Shiksha Portal, if you are from Madhya Pradesh then apply for the scholarship.

Nomination Documents Requirements :

Nomination fee is free of cost but some proof’s or documents required. Such as

  • Death Certificate
  • Will Copy
  • Registry Document
  • Need information regarding Loan Details
  • Aadhar card Number
  • Voter ID


After Click on the “Free Services” option, you will be getting new pics. Check the following image.

  • Click on the yellow marked option which is showing as Khasra/b-1/Map.
  • After click on it, you will be showing a new image.

Then fill up all option and put the capatcha and check below image.

  • Select your district, tehsil, R.I.Circle, Village, and Khasra number to view a particular Khasra. Registration is not necessary to view these details.
  • And you can finally able to download owns property details from MPBhulekh Map.



  • Mutation can be requested by the Applicant after the online registration. Select your district, tehsil, R.I.Circle, patwari halka, village and Khasra number pertaining to mutation and request for mutation. 
  • Mutation is free of cost. There is no fee or charges for it.

Hence, in this article, we bring you all the necessary information you’re going to need to understand. And just to go through the entire process of accessing your land records online. The benefits we listed about the technology earlier seem quite true to you as well? At least we hope that they do. Had it not been the technology, it’d have been very difficult for us as well to serve you with such useful information. 

Keeping the records of lands and properties is very crucial and responsible. We do not know what the future has in store for us and how urgently and spontaneously we are going to need them. So, we recommend you to carefully analyze the mentioned details and spare some time from your busy schedule. So that you can keep your documents safe and handy with you. The digital world has solved the complex problems of the analog system. We should be thankful for it and use it the best way it can benefit us. Madhya Pradesh government has launched an app called MP Land Records, MP bhulekh – MP Bhu Abhilekh which allows you to avail of these services, sitting at home, merely through your smartphones. The entire procedure has been made simpler. It is available on the Play store for you to download

Benefits of Bhulekh MP :

  • The First Major benefit of bhulekh mp is that you don’t need to go to the government office to get the data related to the property.
  • With the help of this portal property owner can check all legal documents while sitting at home.
  • Regarding this portal, you will be completely safe from corruption which always occurs in the property matter. If you got Khasra Number.
  • The government of MP solving a lot of issues and problems by providing this portal online for the owns people.

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