✅Mystery Fever kills 60 Children In North India


Mystery Fever kills 60: As per the BBC report, In UP, India Mystery fever has killed over 68 people in only one week, “the patients, especially children, in hospitals are dying very quickly,” People who are infected with Mystery fever virus have complained of joint pains or Body pain, dehydration, nausea, and headaches, as well as rashes spreading across their arms and legs in some cases.

The mosquito – Aedes aegypti – breeds in and around houses in containers holding freshwater. “Humans provide breeding places and only humans can take them away,” says Dr. Scott Halstead, one of the world’s leading experts on viruses spread by mosquitoes.

UP CM Yogi Adityanath has also requested that the state’s health department conduct a thorough inquiry into the ailment, which has been dubbed a “mystery fever” by local newspapers in recent days.

“If we don’t investigate properly and regularly, a lot of things will continue to remain a Mystery Fever kills 60,” says an Indian virologist, preferring to remain unnamed.

Not a single person who died tested positive for COVID, prompting doctors in the area to speculate that it could be dengue fever, a viral ailment spread by mosquitoes that is endemic in India.

What is Exactly Mystery fever?

Only more investigations and genome analysis will reveal whether the latest spate of “mystery fevers” in India is triggered by dengue alone or a host of other diseases. This would mean training local clinics and hospitals in collecting samples of people suffering from fever and send them for genome testing to labs.

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