✅Patta Chitta Online, Check The Status Online At Eservices.tn.gov.in

✅Patta Chitta Online, Check the Status Online at eservices.tn.gov.in


Patta Chitta Online

Patta Chitta Online is officially a Tamil Nadu portal.  Patta Chitta Online means you can find out your own Land via the internet through this portal but If you belong to Tamil Nadu. This portal is officially available in the English and Tamil Language. Now every Tamilian can easily find out their own land and house located with the help of Patta Chitta’s online portal. So let’s discuss “ How to use Patta Chitta Online portal”? But did you have Survey Number and Sub Division Number or Patta Number or Owner Name?  

How to Use Patta Chitta Online Portal? 

It’s very easy to use. Follow the steps below. 

  • Open the official portal of Patta Chitta Online. 
  • Check the option in the image. 
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  • Firstly track or check your application status, if you really are the beneficiary of this portal then you can use it for more features of this portal. Such as View Patta/Chitta, View A- Register Extract, Verify Patta/Chitta, Verify Government /Private Land,

FMB Sketch, TSLR Extract, View Patta Order Copy, & Application status, etc.

  • Enter Your “Application ID” and Authentication Value and track your Application. 
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            How to Take the  Patta Chitta Order Copy Online? 

  •            Same visit this link
  •                Enter the Authentication ID as shown below in the image. 
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 How to “Verify Patta Chitta Online”? 

  • Visit the official link.
  • Enter the “Reference ID” and click on the “submit” button. 

If you want to “Verify Government Land” then visit this link

Contact Details

Email : dir-sur[at]tn[dot]nic[dot]in

Phone: 044-28591662

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