RCH Portal Registration Process For Pregnant Women, Health Record And Status

✅RCH Portal, Registration Process For Pregnant Women, Health Record and Status


RCH Portal 2023-23

The full form of RCH is Reproductive and Child Health which is legally launched on 15th October 1997 in India. RCH portal helps to take care of maternity, newborn, child, and adolescent health. This portal is mainly developed for women’s help such as her infertility issues, the pregnancy cycle, and the childbirth process. The Health and Family Welfare Department started this portal. So, users or patients can log in to this portal easily and find the right information anytime. In this article, you will interact with RCH Benefits, Login Procedure, Pregnant Women, and Child Registration Process. To know RCH Portal, you have to go through 4 stages, First Registered Yourself, Anmol Status, Know Your Health Record, and Raise your Ticket.

And in the Menu Lost of Rich Portal, you will get a lot of options. Check below.

  • Data Entry 
  • Dashboard 
  • Reports

  Data Entry: If you choose the Data Entry option then you have to follow the steps.

  1. Open the Website link https://rch.nhm.gov.in/RCH/Login.aspx
  2. Enter the State, Username, Password, and Enter Code.
  3. And click on the “Login” button.  

  Dashboard: If you click on the “Dashboard” area then 

  1. Click on the “Login” button. 
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  1. Select the “State”. and check the legal information.  

 Some Major Points

Portal Name RCH Portal 
Beneficiaries Only Indian Women
Started by Health and Family Welfare Department 
Official Link https://rchrpt.nhm.gov.in/

Some More Benefits of RCH Portal 

  • Just Self Registration as a pregnant woman.
  • Take care of Pregnant women, infertility issues, Menstrual cycle, and childbirth process. 
  • Helps to reduce Maternity Rate.
  • Track all information personally during the reproductive life cycle. 
  • RCH portal gives helpful information and guidance regarding family planning, maternal health, and child health 

How to Register in RCH Portal?  

  • Just open the portal.
  • Check the “Home Page”, you will see the “Self Registration” option. Click on it.
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  • Click on the “New Registration” option.
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  • Enter all Personal Details, Hierarchy, and Medical information.
  • Click on the “Save” button. 
  • You can check your own “ Registration Status”. Click on it.
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  • A new window will appear.
  •  Enter the “State, Registered Mobile No., and Enter OTP.
  • Click on the “Search” button.

The next Option is Child Registration 

If you have a child then you can be registered easily. See the “Home Page”. 

  • Click on the “New Registration”. Enter the “personal information”, and “Hierarchy” and click on the save information. 
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  • Check on the “Registration Status”.     
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Check “Anmol Status” and  “Know Your Health Record” 

  • When you will be visiting the portal or website of RCH then you can see these options on the “Home Page”. 
  • Click on the “ Anmol Status” option or visit here
  •  “All-State” result will be opened. 
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Know Your Health Record 

  • Same follow the RCH Website
  • A “Home page” will be opened.
  • Click on “Know Your Health Records.
  • Choose the “ID type”.
  • Enter the “RCH ID No”. or “MCTS ID No.”
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  • Check all details. 

RCH Portal Data Entry Procedure 

  • Follow the  RCH portal
  • Check the “Home Page”.
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  • Click on the “Data Entry” option.
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  • Enter your username, password, and captcha code.
  • Now you have to click on the “log in” button.
  • Now you can do data entry.

 How can “View Report”? 

  • Visit the RCH portal. 
  • Click on the “Reports” option. 
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  • Two options will appear on your screen.

Standard report

Query builder

  • When you clicked on the “ Standard Report” option, you have to fill in the “ Login” details for both (Standard report and Query builder)
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Thank you for reading the article. Hope you will like it and register to get the benefits from this portal.

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How do I register with RCH portal?

The registration process is very simple on the RCH Portal. Just follow the steps below. 1. Open the RCH website. 2. You have two options to register yourself as “Self Registration (If you are Pregnant) and the second is “Child Registration”. Choose one from it. 3. Enter the all details. 4. And click on the “Save” button.

What is Reproductive Child Health Program?

The main goal of this program is to reduce maternal and infant mortality and total fertility rates under the Government of India’s (GoI) and National Health Mission (NHM).

What is RCH stand for?

The RCH stands for Reproductive and Child Health.

In which year did the Government of India launch the Reproductive and Child Health Programme?

The RCH Portal was legally launched on 15th October 1997 in India.

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