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Samagra Shiksha Portal 

Samagra Shiksha Portal is especially ready for the Madhya Pradesh students and people. It was started by the MP Government. Samagra Shiksha Portal gives you the right information about schools, Student Dashboard, Scholarship Count, Laptop Distribution scheme, Scholarship Scheme, Student Tracking, and Know when the scholarship is approved. Aspire provides complete information to the student about the MP education system. This portal gives easy availability, accessibility, and convenience of online education, everyone likes this new way of learning. A lot of education portals occurred on the Internet such as 

Shiksha Portal 

MP Education Porta

Shala Darpan 

Portal Knows asSamagra Shiksha Portal / MP Shiksha Portal
Initiated By MP Government
Applied Only MP State Students 

Samagra Shiksha Portal Login

When you log in to Shiksha Portal then…

  • Go to the official portal. 
  • Click on the any option showing in the below image. 
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  • If you want to check the “Students Dashboard” then Click on it. 
  • Put the 9 Digit composite IS/Samagra ID. 
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  • And you can easily view the Student Dashboard Area. 
  • But when you click on the Scholarship Count option then a new form will appear on your screen. Fill it. 
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  • If you want to participate in the Laptop Distribution then know your eligibility criteria by clicking on it.  


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  • Check the List of Eligible Student List and put your 12th Roll Number to check the Eligibility Criteria for this scheme. 
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Samagra Shiksha Portal Student List School Wise   

  • To know about student list school wise then click on this link. 
  • A new form will be shown.
  • Select your Academic Year, District Year, Block, Class, Scholarship, Shala Dise Code etc. 

Important Things While You Registered on Samagra Shiksha Portal

While you update a student profile for scholarship calculation on the Smaagra Shiksha portal then fill the Bank account and IFSC, bank account can be of any mother, father, siblings.

 Wait now for the application of Format-B (Format-B) will be started soon.

 A bank account is not required while you are making a new student profile on this portal. 

Helpline Number 

Below are the contact details District-wise, if you are facing any issue regarding this portal. 

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