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Introduction About Shiksha Portal (Madhya Pradesh)

Shiksha Portal: MP (Madhya Pradesh) Government started an education Shiksha portal for MP students. They can use the online resources through interactive sessions as desire to learn their lesson. Shiksha portal is a new developing paradigm in academic education.

Shiksha portal tools to learn are graduating to next practices in education, besides best practices in education. Wherever you are, anywhere and anytime, you can log on to the Internet to access with help of a computer or any ICT device and start learning your school lessons including from textbooks.

Education Shiksha Portal

Even from the comfort of your homes, that is what these sites facilitate without attending fresh sessions of crowded classroom sessions at tuition centers and tutorial classes to supplement learning and take another routine additional to the hectic school routine.

You can seek personalized guidance from experts to clarify dogging doubts carried from your school classrooms and also seek any kind of additional support for your self-learning process.

  • Benefits of MP Shiksha Samagra Portal
  • What Objective of it?
  • The specialty of Samagra Shiksha Portal

Note: If you want to check your own Bhulekh status online then register for the MP Bhulekh portal and check your own land.

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Highlights of MP Shiksha Portal Gov

Content / article MP Shiksha Portal
Launched byMP Government
Beneficiaries MP students Only
Main Objective Provide Education
Official Website
Year 2021

Benefits of MP Shiksha Portal

  • Time Saving
  • Easy to getting all information regarding education.
  • Easy to apply For Scholarship
  • Know about School’s
  • Know about Scholarship Eligibility
  • Check about Certification Status
  • All MP Government Schemes available on this portal.

Main Objective of Shiksha Portal

The objective of this portal is to give the necessary education so that students can take the right benefits.

The Specialty of Shiksha Portal

The specialty of the Samagra Shiksha Portal is shown in the pic. Lets’ explore it.

The first one is that :

  • You can deep search about Schools
  • Student Dashboard
  • Scholarship Calculation
  • Laptop Delivery
  • Scholarship Scheme
  • Students Tracking
  • Know your own status about acceptance
  • Caste Certification Verification

Let’s Deeply discuss about above List

About Schools: If you have a Login credential then you can search about a lot of schools in Madhya Pradesh.

How To Check Student Dashboard Process ?

  • To check the Students Dashboard .
  • Visit official website.
  • Go to home page and Click on Student Dashboard option.
  • Put to need the 9 digit Samagra ID or Composite ID to view Students Dashboar.

Scholarship Calculation Procedure :

  • Same after visiting official website or home page you will be see Scholarship Calculation option
  • Click on it and check fill the form .
  • So this is the way you can calculate scholarship.

Laptop Delivery

The laptop will be given only to Meritorious students.

Most Important thing to Know About Scholarship Scheme

  • Firstly , you need to go website and check Scholarship Scheme option on the Home Page.
  • Fill the Academic Year and Class.
  • And View Scholarship information gently.

Students Tracking

  • After come on Home Page , click on Student Tracking option.
  • Fill the Samagra ID and Captcha Code.
  • Click on Track Benefit Status .

Know your own Scholarship Status about Acceptance

  • To know about whether your scholarship is accept or not you will be check by this option “Know your own Scholarship Status about Acceptance
  • fill the Samagra ID and Academic year.
  • OR fill the Captcha code.

Caste Certificate Verification

  • Visit this Offocial website : shiksha then, click on Caste Certification verification option.
  • Enter the Family Member ID and Captcha code.
  • And Know your Caste verification Status.

Shiksha Portal Student List School Wise

Below image shows 5 kinds of enrollment/scholarship packages such as :

  • Scholarship Status of School wise
  • Status of enrollment of discord wise children
  • Status of enrollment of Children Package wise

School Wise Scholarship Status :

  • After click on Scholarship Status of School wise, you will be get following pic.
  • In this image you have to fill the academic year, house, district, block, Scholl type, class and Scholarship Status.
  • Fill the Captcha.
  • And view student list.

Status of Enrollment of Discord Wise children :

  • Click on this Link you will be automatically redirected as shown on following image.
  • In the following Image , fill the category & Captcha.

Status of Enrollment of Children Package wise :

  • Visit this link
  • All blocks you need to filled with right information and Captcha also.

Eligibility for Consolidated Scholarship Schemes

  • You will be get the form after visit this link

And click on the “Know your Right” option.

Know the status of acceptance of scholarship :

  • Is you eligible to get scholarship or not check it by visiting this link
  • And fill the Samagra ID and Academic Year.

District wise Students Receiving Scholarship :

To check the status of District wise Students Scholarship, select the right academic year.

School Wise Samagra Scholarships Student Status :

  • Select the right option from academic Year, District, blocks etc.

District wise Enrollment For All Classes

  • Select your district from drop down list and academic year.

District wise Profile Update Status :

To get the other information then login your portal by using : username and password.

District wise Scheme Details :

District & Scheme Wise Report of Applications

Scholarship Applications Received for all Schemes of District Wise.

Scholarship Applications received for all schemes of a Department

Contact for District wise Offices :
If you know more deeply details about MP Shiksha Portal than go to home page of the official website and Click on

Check below image and you can contact District wise offices to get more useful information.

Below another Education Portal if you belongs to different States :

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