SSOID Login Rajasthan At Rajasthan Single Sign On 88 Portal

SSOID Login Rajasthan at Rajasthan Single Sign On 88 Portal


SSOID Login Rajasthan    

We are well known about SSOID’s full form and what it benefits. Then you should know about How to SSOD Login Rajasthan portal. Because this portal only accepted Rajasthani people. So, To get the all major facilities that are provided by SSOID Rajasthan then you should have a Rajasthani identity or any residence proof. Because you don’t know how many platforms are available on it. The main question arises on there, and that is How to Register and Login SSOID? 

Visit —> SSOID Registration Rajasthan

When we visited the SSOID Login Rajasthan Portal Following thing is to remember. See below 

  • SSOID Registration
  • SSOID Login 
  • Forgot SSOID
  • Forgot Password
  • Rajasthan Single Sign On v 22.2

Note: The registration process is very easy, you can check our previous article. 

How to Login SSOID Rajasthan Portal? 

Major steps you follow while Login SSOID Portal. 

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  1. Open the Rajasthan Single Sign Sign-on Identity Portal. 
  2. Check the Right Side corner of the “ Home Page”
  3. Click on the “Login Button”.
  4. Enter the “ Username and Password” and Captcha Code.
  5. Click on the “Login button”. 
  6. If you “forgot” your SSOID Digital IDentity then visit “click here”
  7. A lot of options to recover the digital SSOID no. such as Citizen, Udhyog, Govt. Employee, Jan Aadhar, Aadhar Card no. and more.
  8. Another option is that you have to send the SMS by typing RJ SSO and sending it from Registered Mobile No. to 9223166166. And get the SSOID digital no.
  9. When you forgot the “Password”. There are 3 options to recover the “forgotten password” by Mobile, Email, and Aadhar ID. 
  1. Click on the “ Submit” button.

Have You Multiple SSOID No. ? 

If you got the multiple SSOID Digital no. then you can merge it. 

  1. Just check the screenshot and follow it.
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  1. When you are on the “Home Page”. At the “Right Side” you got the link. Click on it. 
  2. You got the PDF link that “How to Merge the SSOID”. Read it.
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So, this is the whole process about Registration, Forgot password, SSOID no. and SSOID Login Rajasthan. 

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