Short Desc : Online Portal SSOID Registration Rajasthan which aims to provide government services to their citizens online.

SSOID stands for Single sign-on identity, is a smart process adopted by the Government of Rajasthan for its citizens. Through this, the government had made an effort to digitize and make internet available to the citizens of the state. Through this portal, they can access the internet services, in other words, it is such a unique and productive project develop by the state of Rajasthan to make all the web services available to their citizens on one single platform. 

SSOID or Single Sign-on is a platform where online services are provide to the citizens of the state. Through SSOID login, citizens can avail benefits of lots or government services for example; they can apply for the government jobs there and can avail major or minor details about government services and schemes. This merely requires for you to have an SSOID and a password. 

Important Notice For Rajasthan Citizen’s about Apna Khata Rajasthan at this portal apnakhata raj nic in.


SSO ID Number is a credential issue to the government faculty/staff, students or citizens of Rajasthan.  It was launch in the year 2013 by the Chief Minister Sh. Ashok Gehlot to provide all the government services to their citizens online. Their official website is



  • Most importantly, the citizens or users of the portal can apply for the Aadhar card and can also download a soft copy from this portal.
  • This is such a flexible portal that through one user ID i.e., rajsso ID, the user can access all different government services. Countless applications can be send from one ID regarding different government works.
  • One may send applications to many different colleges and universities. send applications to private institutions as well using this portal.
  • One may also send job applications to different organizations and avail benefits of many e-services available on the portal.

It is s secure portal; there is no chance of information being seen by some third party application or individual. The interface is limited between the user and the portal.


  • Eligibility Criteria: Those who want to apply for the SSO ID, they must meet the following set of criteria introduced by the Government of Rajasthan:
    • Citizen or permanent resident of the state of Rajasthan
    • Government employee working in the state
    • Have an UDYOG from the state of Rajasthan
  • Requirements for the registration of SSOID: There are three ways to get you register on the portal of SSO ID Rajasthan. Kindly follow either of them to get you register for availing all those benefits and services being provide by the Government of Rajasthan.
    • Registration using Aadhar Card
    • Registration using Bhamashah ID
    • Registering through Facebook or Google

Choose the option most relevant and convenient to you and get yourself register on the portal.

  • Online Registration Procedure:  For having the access to avail e-government services, new users will have to get themselves registered on the portal. We have explained the entire process in detail below. Follow it thoroughly to get the major details regarding the procedure of registration. Conditions are different for new and existing users. New users will have to opt for signing up, whereas existing users shall opt for login.
    • Visit the official website of SSO ID portal
    • On the homepage, click on ‘Registration’ located on the right-most side of the screen.
    • Choose from the relevant options displayed to you on the screen i.e., whether you are a:
      • Citizen
      • Udhyog
      • Government Employee
    • Then choose from the option of Jan Aadhaar, Bhamashah, Facebook, Google, BRN or SIPF.
    • Choose the relevant options and follow the procedure. Your account will registered on the SSO ID portal.
  • If you are selecting ‘Citizen’ for registering on SSO ID:
    • Your options are quite a few if you want to register yourself as the citizen of the state of Rajasthan. They are listed below:
      • Bhamashah
      • Facebook
      • Google
      • Jan Aadhar

Proceed with the enrollment number to complete the process of registration of Citizen on SSO ID.

  • If you are selecting ‘Udhyog’ for registering on SSO ID:
    • To register yourself as ‘Udhyog’, you will have to enter your BRN or you can register through your Udhyog Aadhar.
  • If you are selecting ‘Government Employee’ for registering on SSO ID:
    • This section of the portal applies to those who are serving in the Government Department of Rajasthan. For registering as the government employee, you’ll have to continue with SIPF number.


  • Online applications for government jobs and manage all such tasks online.
  • Verify your bills on the portal like electricity and water bills, arms license, bank correspondence, business registration, attendance MIS, DCEAPP, CHMS, BSBY and many-many more.
  • Online applications to government and private institutions. 


It is an online or e-service started by the Government of Rajasthan for their citizens so they can avail benefits and services of the government on the internet.

There is no fee charged by the government for accessing this portal. It is free of cost.


  • If you want to delete your SSO ID, you will first have to login into your SSO ID on the official website of the portal
  • Then go to your Account Settings in the menu bar.
  • Click on delete SAML configuration and then click on OK button. 
  • Your SSO ID would be delete.

The official numbers given by the government for any queries or issues are mentioned below. You may also e-mail them your query on the following e-mail address: [email protected] 


Contact No. 0141-5153-222 or 0141-5123-717

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