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What is TNEB Reading ? 

TNEB refers to the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board and TANGEDCO means Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation Limited. Tamil Nadu Government provides online facilities to check the TNEB Reading Details,  Electricity Bill Status, Reading Status, Meter Reading, Online Payment, and more only on the official portal  

TNEB Online Facilities such as : 

  • TNEB Online Reading Details
  • TNEB Reading Calculator
  • TNEB Meter Reading 
  • TNEB Bill Reading 
  • TNEB Reading Online Payment 

So the question is how to check the above option via the portal. The process is very simple, just open the TANGEDCO and pay the online bill. If you have any questions then check the consumer number and clear it. 

TNEB Consumer Number & Whatsapp Number 

Whatsapp number: 9445850811

City Name Telephone Number 
Salem:0424 2272207
Chennai North:28521949 / 28224423,
Chennai South:28594234 / 24715121,
Madurai:0452 – 2537528 / 2538159

Application, Billing, and Power Related Complaint 

Call: 94987 94987 (24*7)

How to Login to the TNEBNET Portal?

To check the status of all TNEB Reading details, Bill, Bill calculator, Online bill payment, just log in to your TNEBNET account.

  • Put the right “User Id and Password”.
  • And click on the “Login” button. 
  •  If you do not have any kind of details then you can register as New user.
  • Click on “New Service connection application number” or check the Existing service connection number.

How to Check the TNEB Online Reading Details ? 

If you are registered with a Mobile number then you can get the Tangedco web portal and its services. Just follow the below steps to check the TNEB Reading. 

  1. Open the TANGEDCO  web portal or visit here.
  2. Choose the Region from the drop down list.
  1. Enter the Service Number and Mobile number.
  2. And last fill the captcha code. 
  3. Click on the Proceed button. 

Do you  Know your Consumer no. , Service No and Region Code ? 

  • Now  you have 3 images. In the first image you will know about consumer numbers.
  • In the second image get your own Service number. 
  •  In the last image, get Region code with the city name. 

TNEB Reading Calculator Online 

If you want all the procedures done online on the TNEBNET portal then go sit at home and relax. All services are available at this portal. Calculating the reading is very important to us. We can estimate how much we spent on the unit according to the Government. To calculate the TNEB Bill Calculator. Below are the steps.

  • Open this link
  • Check the options.
  • Select the Tariff check from the drop down list.
  • Choose “Billing cycle → Monthly”.
  • Fill the Contracted load, Consumed Units, KVAH.
  • Abd Click on the “Calculate”  button.

 How to Make a TNEB Reading Online Payment ? 

Now the main and important point is “how to pay the TNEB Bill online”.

  • A lot of options will be shown such as consumer no. with Region code. 
  • Put only your registered Mobile no. and Email ID.
  • Put the Right Captcha Code.
  • Press the “Quick Pay” option. 

Payment Method to Pay the TNEB Bill Online 

  • TANGEDCO Portal 
  • TNEB portal
  • Talkcharge
  • Paytm Electricity Bill Payment

Download the TNEBNET App

TNEBNET App is available for Android and iPhone users. You can get all services through the app. 

TNEB Reading is high, how? What to do right now ? 

Sometimes our electricity bill is high, but in that case, you can complain about it by using the following method. 

  • Just visit the Tangedco Portal
  • Click on the “Reach us “ option. Check the image below.Two options are available . 

Consumer Complaint and Contact information. 

  • Click on the “Consumer Complaint” option. 
  • Explain your complaint and ask to correct the  TNEB reading details.
  • After that , track your complaint.

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How can I check my Tneb reading details?

Open the official TNEB Portal or TANGEDCO. Login to the TNEB portal. Enter Username or Password. Visit this link –> Choose Region code, service no., Mobile no. , and Captcha Code. Press the “Proceed” button.

Why Tneb bill is high?

If your TNEB bill is high then don’t worry, you can complain about it. Open the Tangedco Portal. Visit website. Click on the “Reach us ” option in the menu bar. Click on it. in the drop-down, choose the “consumer complaint” option.

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