URISE Portal Registration For Uttar Pradesh Students At Urise.up.gov.in

URISE Portal Registration Only For Uttar Pradesh Students


What is URISE Portal? 

URISE means “ Unified Reimagined Innovation For Students Empowerment.  This portal helps the students to get the job according to their skills, profession, and education. All major facilities such as matching Jobs according to skills, and industrial training institutes for students, are available in one place and that is called URISE Portal. URISE Portal supported by the different departments such as राज्य व्यावसायिक प्रशिक्षण परिषद, उत्तर प्रदेश, Department of Vocational Education & Skill Development, Government of Uttar Pradesh, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University, Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow, etc. This portal is available for ITI Students, polytechnical students, career counseling, and skill development. And these major faculty are handled by high profile name of the State Government. Check the Table. 

Name Departments
Shri Jitin PrasadaHon’ble Cabinet Minister of Technical Education Department, U.P.
Shri Kapil Dev AggarwalHon’ble Minister of Skill Development, U.P.
Shri Alok Kumar-Third(I.A.S.)Secretary, Technical Education Department, U.P.
Shri Amrit Abhijat (I.A.S.)Principal Secretary, Technical Education, Vocational Education, Skill Development Department, U.P.

About URISE Portal 

Visit the Twitter Link where the CM Yogi Adityanath launches the URISE Portal for Students 

Scheme Portal Name URISE Portal
AdvantagesEasy Job Matching Portal, Skill development, Vocational, and Technical Studies
Official Website/Portalhttps://urise.up.gov.in/
State Uttar Pradesh
How to Apply? Online 
Applicants Only should be Students 

Note: UP Scholarship Registration, Apply Now

Check UP Scholarship Status 

What Students Services Available on  URISE Portal? 

Students services on URISE Portal are only available for UP Students. So let’s check out how they will get it. 

  • Firstly registered on URISE Portal.
  • Check your attendance.
  • Find Online Courses easily.
  • Find Lectures, tutorial questions, online certification courses
  • Students Performance
  • Fee (Online Payment Method)
  • Digi Locker (Student Records, Mark sheet)

What is in URISE Portal? 

Follow the below list that describes portal benefits after  National Education Policy 2020. 

  • Support the Technical and Vocational education
  • Drive Students Skills to getting the jobs
  • Counseling Help Center

Benefits of URISE Portal 

  • Almost 20, 000 registered on this portal. 
  • Only UP State people can apply on this portal, and students take the opportunities by seeing free-of-cost videos and content. 
  • Career Counseling, online courses, and finding the best academics easily with this portal.
  • Get the facilities such as e-content, online courses, Grievance, library, digital evaluation, internship, and online examination.

Benefits of Student Dashboard Area on URISE Portal 

When you have access to Login  Student Dashboard then you can check your own activity status easily. Check below. 

  • After Login Urise Student Portal.
IhQGI26rvzD6c2lfdMjIyRPD5bfS8c5K1vxeILRLSI3aiyWHO csQUuy4Ba8Hs9jWRL08t5 y1OYD41GpH7m8tdwJnRlttUaEW0Q 90vfaHPi7OXPTEU776v77v7 NnBAgjllCvR
  • See the Attendance, Subject, results, and Lectures in detail.

Choose Online Courses with the Help Of Urise 

           This portal helps UP students to choose subjects and online courses wisely. The portal set the example by giving the video of lectures. You can search the topic date-wise and click on the “search” button. See the image. 

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Online Fee Payments

  • When you pay the fee, then you have to sign in. 
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  • After Sign-in or you can directly open the link
  • Follow the image that how you can pay the fee by different methods. 
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  • You can pay as Credit Card, Debit Card, Net banking or by Cash, etc. 


How Digilocker Helps the Students?

With the help of Digilocker, students can find the new certificate of a particular course, students records, and marks certification. Urise students don’t need to carry their original documents. Digilocker helps to keep the documentation regarding students. 

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Grievances Benefits

With the help of Grievances, students can easily find out the best institutes, faculties, hostel, fee structure, studies, or their own concerns. 

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Feedback Facilities for URISE User/Students 

Students can share their reviews to get better the Urise services. Let’s how?

Find the College List on Urise 

Below the table, you can find out Polytechnic college. 

Sr. No.College Name

URISE Registration Method 

Urise Portal registration process on this portal, you have to follow the below steps. 

  • Open the official website. 
  • Check the Main Menu or Left Side of the Home Page as shown below screenshot. 
  • You have 2 options “New Students Registration “ and another “Register” option and they are working same Registration process. Nothing is different. You can click any of them. 
  • When you will click on the “Register” option. A new form will have come on your screen. Check in the image.
  • Select your Organization such as “Skill Training” “ITI” and Polytechnic Diploma sector
  • Enter the Roll No. and Date of Birth. 
  • At the last click on “ Register Button”. 

  URISE Student Login Method 

If you are already registered on the URISE portal then you can directly log in as students as well as users. 

  • Check the image where you can easily log in as a student on Urise. 
ZFzcnxrGrhdnjd59muuQvb8EQVp0TkZV0pH4ON1SZJBfJIQg 4u83g19XpxI3 AHHy5km0JYiGQjmU7gke5 YVdxTygXw766igaWtudvca3KOw1ROnRvCY2HLr ff2zpB1WMcK 1
  • Click on the Login button. Check the image. r JiSedQ1cGVEOL0HyRVwkworO5jTQrdYqPv0mW 7EBynwdioLdJIUKr9Mrx43bnqigfcu81mkRmvn5mDPsIC96dFzP8A3tJgPaY3Z5cUO SV8E1 J43H9R8S0lwIh50Jw Uo8
  • Enter the Urise ID or username and Password then clicks on the Login button. 
  • If you don’t remember the password then click on the “Forgot Password” option.
  • Put the URISE ID and click on the “Verify” button. 

Registered as a Normal Users? 

When you will go to the official web portal of Urise. 

Check the Left corner. Take to the cursor on the “Register” button and two options will appear such as Student and User. 

Click on the “User” option. 

Then you have to “Sign up” as a user. 

Then you have to “Sign up” as a user. 

Put your “Email Address” and “Mobile number”.

 If you are not a student or even want to know about URISE Portal advantages then you can be registered as a normal user.

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Helpline Number

           Get reach out helpline number according to the skill and department wise. 

You can apply UP Driving License, if your age above 18+.

If you didn’t get the job yet after good qualification then Register your name under Employment Center or also apply for UP Berojgari Bhatta.

What is Urise?

Urise is Unified Reimagined Innovation For Students Empowerment

What is Urise registration?

Open the official portal urise.up.gov.in Click on the register option button. Select your organization, enter roll no. and Date of birth. Click on the Register button.

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