Use of Shala Darpan for Communication with Parents and Guardians


Shala Darpan is a digital platform developed by the Government of India to provide seamless communication between schools, teachers, parents, and students. It enables schools to share information such as student attendance, exam results, school notices, and other important updates with parents and guardians in real-time.

Using Shala Darpan for communication with parents and guardians is an effective way to keep them informed about their child’s academic progress and other activities in the school. It eliminates the need for physical communication, such as letters or phone calls, which can be time-consuming and sometimes difficult to track.

Parents can access the Shala Darpan portal or mobile app to view their child’s academic progress, attendance records, and other relevant information. They can also communicate with their child’s teachers and school administration through the platform. This can include queries about their child’s academic performance or any concerns they may have.

Overall, Shala Darpan is a useful tool for schools to communicate with parents and guardians in a timely and efficient manner. It ensures transparency and accountability and helps build stronger relationships between schools, parents, and students.

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