Use of Shala Darpan for Monitoring Infrastructure and Resources in schools


Shala Darpan is a web-based platform developed by the Ministry of Education, Government of India, to monitor various aspects of the education system, including infrastructure and resources in schools. The platform is designed to help school administrators, teachers, and education officials track the progress of their schools and take corrective measures where necessary.

One of the key features of Shala Darpan is the ability to monitor infrastructure and resources in schools. This includes information on the availability of classrooms, toilets, drinking water facilities, electricity, and furniture. The platform also allows school administrators to track the availability of teaching and learning resources such as textbooks, digital learning materials, and teacher training programs.

By using Shala Darpan, school administrators can easily identify areas that require improvement and take corrective measures. For example, if a school has a shortage of classrooms, the school administrator can request additional infrastructure from the relevant education department. Similarly, if a school lacks teaching resources, the administrator can use the platform to request additional resources or training programs for teachers.

Overall, Shala Darpan is a powerful tool for monitoring infrastructure and resources in schools. It provides a comprehensive overview of the state of education in schools and helps education officials make informed decisions to improve the quality of education in India.




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