What is Kisan Suvidha Mobile App and How to Install it?


Kisan Suvidha Mobile App has been developed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare for farmers to facilitate dissemination of information on Weather, Market Prices, Plant Protection, Agro-advisory, Extreme Weather Alerts, Dealers – Seed, Pesticide, Fertilizer, Farm Machinery, Call to Kisan Call. Famers can learn advanced farmers’ technology and practices from this app. Farmers can seek advisories on their agriculture-related problems directly from the agriculture scientists. Information about how to download the Kisan suvidha app and the facilities available on this app can be obtained from this user manual.

How to download Kisan Suvida Mobile App? 

Android:- Kisan Suvidha app can be searched on Google Play Store on android version mobile by typing “KISAN SUVIDHA” or can be downloaded by clicking on the link https://goo.gl/oWUue2

iOS:– iOS version of Kisan Suvidha app can be searched on the Apple Store of iPhone by typing “KISAN SUVIDHA” or can be downloaded by clicking on the link https://goo.gl/GnLpFs


Installation and Registration:-

On opening the Kisan Suvidha app, you will ask for registration. Registration is compulsory for using this app. You can choose ‘English’, ‘Hindi’ or the local language for registration. Subsequently, give your name and mobile number and choose State, District, and Block from the drop-down menu. After filling up the mandatory fields, click on the “Registration” Tap, as indicated in the following screenshot. Once you’re registered, you will receive agriculture-related.

Here is list of some Android Apps For Indian Farmers/Agriculture

Pusa Krishi

Download App

MKisan Application

This app has been designed and developed by an in-house IT team of DAC with the help of C-DAC  Pune.

Download App

Shetkari Masik Android App

Shetkari Masik” is one of every of the foremost common monthly magazines within the Agriculture sector, under publication since 1965. It is published by the Department of Agriculture, Maharashtra.

Download App


Developed by CDAC, Mumbai. The application could be a multilingual humanoid application targeted for rural Gujarat. The main functionalities of the app are:

  1. Get suitable crops as per soil and season
  2. Get crop-wise information
  3. Check the weather in your area
  4. Manage your cattle

Download App


Bhuvan Hailstorm App

A mobile app has been developed to capture crop loss that happened because of a violent storm. This mobile app is ready to capture the following parameters :

  1. Photograph of the field with latitude and longitude.
  2. Name of Crop
  3. Date of sowing
  4. Date of likely harvesting
  5. Source of irrigation

Download App

Crop Insurance Mobile app

Crop Insurance mobile app can be used to calculate the Insurance Premium for notified crops based on area, coverage amount and loan amount in case of loanee farmer.

Download App


AgriMarket mobile app may be accustomed get the market value of crops within the markets inside fifty kilometer of the device’s location.

Download App

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